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Wall Lights & Wall Lamps

With Orientique's Wall Lights & Wall Lamps, you can create a unique mood lighting that envelops you in warmth and cosines.

Wall Lights & Wall Lamps

Wall lamps produce a unique light that you will encounter with few other lamp types. By letting a wall lamp shine on the wall, your room gets a particularly beautiful mood lighting. Because you are flexible in a light with a wall lamp, the mood combinations are endless. 

Our table lamps can be combined with our hanging lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. By combining different lamps, your interior gets a nice Asian touch.


Which light source should I choose?

In our range, you will find wall lamps with options for different light sources. Many people doubt whether they should go for a halogen lamp or choose LED lighting. Make sure you realize that LED lamps are much more energy efficient. On the other hand, the halogen lighting is of higher quality.

Difficult to choose? Orientique Asianliving advises you to go for LED lighting when you make frequent use of the wall lamp. Is your wall lamp on less often? Then choose the halogen lighting.

Although with many of our wall lamps you can choose from the light source, there are also lamps that only have the light source halogen or light source LED. Coming to our store in The Hague, we will make a great recommandation for you!