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Chinese Collection

We offer you our Chinese collection with wide choices, including Chinese hand fans and storage containers.

Chinese Collection

At Orientique Asianliving, we collect our selected products from different regions all over Asian. This section present you with our wide collections of Chinese products, including Chinese hand fans and storage containers. You can apply different items to decorate your display cabinetsideboardtv stand/media unit, or even side table. It is time to enrich your house!


Chinese hand fans

Chinese hand fans are hand-painted with beautiful oriental patterns like rhododendron flowers, cranes, and other auspicious birds, meaning bring good fortune to its owner. Moreover, some Chinese characters are designed on the fans, which are about longevity and lovely spring vibes when everything is coming back to life. 


Storage containers

Storage containers are used to store rice in ancient China. Nowadays, people collect this item and apply as decoration to add a touch of the Far East into a cozy modern house. It is a special and unique design so that it will definitely be an eye-catcher in your room and leave a great impression on your guests.