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Oriental Cabinets

Our oriental cabinet is made of solid elm wood, and its structure and frame can last for ages. Each piece is hand crafted and painted with layers of lacquer work in the highest standards.

Oriental Cabinets

At Orientique Asianliving, we offer a large collection of these elegant cabinets with splendor and glamour statement. Our oriental cabinet is made of solid elmwood, and its structure and frame can last for ages. Each piece is handcrafted and painted with layers of lacquer work in the highest standards.

  • Bridal Cabinets & Wardrobes have two removable shelves and a hanging rail can offer spacious storage for your belongings.

  • Bookcases & Display Cabinets have traditional oriental features, which is the best option to add a touch of oriental beauty to your home.

  • Large Cabinets (Height > 120cm) can be used for various purposes. Whether for the bedroom or the office, you can always find a suitable cabinet for every room and every application at Orientique Asianliving.

  • Medium Cabinets (Height 70-120cm) hold every small item in your room and make space well-organized and comfortable. They are definitely good alternative choices when other furniture is too large for your room. 


Why choose our oriental cabinets?

Compared with other cabinets in western styles, the designs of our oriental cabinets are classic and timeless, which will last for life and stand the test of time through fashions and influences. Considering its value, oriental cabinets are often regarded as one of the best choices for furniture investment. 


The material of our oriental cabinets

Our oriental furniture is made of different materials, mainly solid elmwood.

- Elm is one of the best material choices for luxury and carved lacquer furniture. It has straight textures and a clear pattern. Moreover, elm is elastic but strong, and also resistant to moisture and corrosion.

- Glass is only used on the cabinet doors, as it is too heavy and fragile to make furniture out of it. When transporting furniture, we cover glass with soft materials to prevent any potential damages to the furniture.


The lacquer work of our oriental cabinets

At Orientique Asianliving, we distinguish ourselves, especially, in the outstanding natural lacquer layer. The lacquered cover of our furniture is built up in six to eight layers during the restoration process. This creates a sparkling appearance that makes the character and soul of each piece of furniture speak more. We have all kinds of different traditional Chinese colours:

- red for joy, life and peace;

- mint for glory, wealth, and fortune;

- brown for glory, wealth, and fortune;

- white for elegance, kindness and beauty;

- black referring to a mysterious and fantastic space (the universe) in a Chinese traditional concept,

and so on. You may apply our colour filter above to choose your ideal stylish cabinets.