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Fine Asianliving Chinese Horse Right - Beijing, China

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An chinese statue of a horse. The statue is made of earthenware and very unique.
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Fine Asianliving Chinese Horse Right - Beijing, China

During the Tang Dynasty, these kinds of images were used to give to the deceased, so-called burial gifts.

The more beautiful the images, glazed or not, the richer the deceased.

The horse is of the "Fergana" breed and was brought from China to China around 125 before the beginning of our era. It gradually replaced the widely used Mongolian pony. The Fergana horse was more powerful, bigger and stronger. It helped the Handynasty to overpower the peoples who threatened China from the north.
During the dynasties that followed, the Chinese managed to breed around 700,000 of these beautiful and especially powerful Fergana horses.

Product information:

Year: New

Dimensions: 55 x 18 x 63 cm

Province: Beijing, China


Only one piece!

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