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Fine Asianliving Chinees Nachtkastje Lucky Rood B42xD35xH70cm

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Dit mooie oosterse nachtkastje geeft kleur en een Aziatisch tintje aan uw slaapkamer!
Dimensions: L42 x W35 x H70cm
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Fine Asianliving Chinees Nachtkastje Lucky Rood B42xD35xH70cm

Fine Asianliving Chinees Nachtkastje Lucky Rood L42xB35xH70cm

Why not add this luxury small cabinet to your house and make the interior decoration more unique? It is suitable to use as a bedside table, or a stylish cabinet, or a base for the display of decorative objects.

This Chinese bedside table has a wide shallow drawer and a pair of doors giving access to a big storage compartment below. The curve handle on the drawer represents the beauty of rich land and have a symbolic meaning of life and future from Chinese culture. The round metal background on the door combined with its square shape represents the traditional Chinese philosophical concept of Tian Yuan Di Fang (Orbicular sky and rectangular earth).

The front frame, sides and top are hand painted in red, a traditional Chinese color for joy, life and peace. The versatile Oriental wood console makes perfect storage as a bedside table with drawers and a charming small cupboard, all adorned with solid brass handles.

A Chinese nightstand makes an elegant occasional cabinet, narrow bedside table or sofa table. Use in a guest room as a compact small cabinet for useful small storage.

At Fine Asianliving we believe we have perfected all aspects of the production process and can proudly offer you high quality console tables without compromise. We firmly believe that our bedside tables will exceed all your expectations and we have many happy returning customers who enjoy their bedroom furniture. We can ensure that your chosen piece of furniture art will remain in top condition for many years to come, however you choose to showcase it.

Product Details

Dimensions: L42cm x W35cm x H70cm

Material: This bedside table is made of firwood and plywood.

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