Chinese Table Lamps With a Modern Twist

Sometimes, Chinese table lamps are just what you need to add a little brightness and style in your room. You can choose from Japanese bamboo table lamps, porcelain table lamps, and more. Discover our unique Chinese table lamps.

Fine Asianliving Bamboo Table Lamp Brown Handmade - Leila D24xH36cm
Fine Asianliving
Bamboo Table Lamp Brown Handmade - Leila D24xH36cm
€64,95 €53,68 €59,95 €49,55
Fine Asianliving Bamboo Table Lamp Brown Handmade - Lyle D24xH36cm
Fine Asianliving
Bamboo Table Lamp Brown Handmade - Lyle D24xH36cm
€64,95 €53,68 €59,95 €49,55
Fine Asianliving Bamboo Webbing Table Lamp Natural Handmade - Graham D32xH47cm
Fine Asianliving
Bamboo Webbing Table Lamp Natural Handmade - Graham D32xH47cm
€64,95 €53,68 €59,95 €49,55
Fine Asianliving Bamboo Webbing Table Lamp Natural Handmade - Archer D26xH37cm
Fine Asianliving
Bamboo Webbing Table Lamp Natural Handmade - Archer D26xH37cm
€79,95 €66,07 €74,95 €61,94
Fine Asianliving Bamboo Webbing Lamp Natural Handmade - Isolde D38xH60cm
Fine Asianliving
Bamboo Webbing Lamp Natural Handmade - Isolde D38xH60cm
€128,00 €105,79 €119,95 €99,13
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Chinese table lamps are excellent at providing that little extra light you need at the right place. And they do so while bringing in an exotic oriental accent. Unlike ceiling lights, table luminaires are much more subtle: they do not readily overlight your room. So turn off the big lights and let the table light fittings do their work. See for yourself how they create that special ambience over a romantic dinner night.

At Orientique, we offer a large assortment of oriental and Chinese table lamps. They come with designs both traditional and modern to fit all styles of interior designs. Every household needs an oriental gem. So browse through our collection now and taste the Asian lifestyle in your own living space.   

Chinese Table Lamps: Back to the Artistic Roots of Porcelain

The majority of our Chinese table lamps are made of delicate porcelain. These ceramics have deep running roots in the old history of China. After all, the art of Chinese ceramics has always played a significant role throughout ancient Chinese culture. Furthermore, it is a revered craft of ceramics throughout the world. You can see them put onto display in many major museums in various countries.

What started out as a skill for creating practical every-day objects gradually developed into an artistic profession for creating beautiful eye-catchers. And nowadays, they are mainly meant for decorative purposes. At Orientique, you can find such marvellous handicrafts in the form of chic Chinese porcelain table lamps. They come with iconic shapes like porcelain ginger jar lamps or vase-shaped lamps.

Sleek and Gorgeous Base Designs

Our Chinese table lamps that you can buy come in numerous designs. Modern, mid-century, or vintage, there will surely be a stunning Chinese lighting that fits perfectly in your home décor. Our exquisite designs range from modern minimalistic oriental table lamps to Chinese table lamps with intricate patterns in various colours. 

Take for example our elegant blue and white porcelain table lamps that are embellished with graceful floral and vine motifs, such as that of lotus flowers. Or take a look at our Asian table lamps in colours like gold, black, beige, mint, turquoise, ivory, grassy blue, and dark green. These Chinese vase and ginger jar table lamps will form the focal point in any refined home interior. Be it in your living room or office as a stylish exhibition piece, or in your bedroom as a high-end bedside lamp.

Oriental Table Lamps of Other Materials

Besides our Chinese table lamps of porcelain, we also have oriental table luminaires of other materials to suit different tastes. After all, the type of material plays a prominent role in determining the overall aura of a table lamp. There are, for instance, natural-looking bamboo table lamps to complement a rustic yet elegant vibe. Their sustainable bamboo give off a warm vibrancy that creates an exceptional and cosy feeling. 

If you are more into a Japanese look, however, opt for one of our classy Japanese shoji ‘rice paper’ table light fittings. The white translucent paper creates a distinct brilliance shared by no other lamp. It is truly a traditional and timeless masterpiece. Finally, if you hope to find something even more unique, we have a selection of exclusive sandstone table lighting. These come in various shapes. We have sandstone lamps in the form of typical buddhas. Or nautical-themed luminaires for a more Western and summery mood. 

Chinese Table Lamps: a Luxury for Life

For over two decades, we at Orientique have each year travelled to the far East. There we delve into a mountain of Chinese table lamps and other goods belonging to the Asian lifestyle. We understand how essential table lightings are for creating the right atmosphere. Therefore, we carefully handpick the most lovely Asian table luminaires we can find and of which we know you will adore. 

Our oriental table light fittings are proficiently handcrafted and delicately hand-painted by the most professional artisans we could find. That is why we guarantee you that each table lamp for sale here is unique and of the highest quality out there. One purchase of an Orientique Chinese table lamp equals to a luxury for life. 

Lamps of Various Categories

Of course, Chinese table lamps are not the only oriental lighting we have in store. We also sell matching oriental luminaires of other categories to combine with our table lamps. A very popular example is our fine collection of bamboo light pendants and Japanese ceiling lights. They are well known for the characteristic ambience and the distinctive mood they create. A must-have since ceiling lights form the main light source of the room. 

There are two more categories in our assortment. In need of a flexible lamp that does not take too much space? Our splendid oriental floor lamps might just be what you are searching for. Looking for a special way to add more illumination to your home? Pay some attention to our oriental wall lamps for a delightful radiance like no other. For a complete overview of all our light fittings, go to our Chinese Lamps and Japanese Lights page

Chinese Table Lamps in Professional Interiors

Excited to introduce your own Chinese table lamp to your home décor but not sure how? Check out our gallery! There we display artistic examples of home interior designs with our oriental lights combined with other dazzling handicrafts from the Far East. We also feature photographs of professional settings from all over Europe. See for yourself how they have integrated our products into an exquisite display of the Asian Lifestyle. 

Any Questions?

Is there something not clear? Are you missing information on our Chinese lamps? Or do you need some more inspiration for a stylish home interior? Whether you have a question or some comments you want to share, we always welcome you to contact us. We will be glad to be at your service and we will make sure to reply as soon as we can. 

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