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Chinees Dressoir Handbeschilderd Blauw Tibetan Inspired

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Materiaal: HoutKleur: Mint
Stijl: Chinees Modern Nieuw
Afmetingen: W 143 x H 87 x D 37 cm
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Chinees Dressoir Handbeschilderd Blauw Tibetan Inspired

Why not add this luxury sideboard to your house and make the interior decoration more unique?

Design: This sideboard has two pairs of doors giving access to separate storage compartments with double layers inside. The furniture is hand craved with a beautiful spring scence in a traditional oriental style, meaning to bring joy and happiness to your family. The furniture is hand painted in mint, a traditional Chinese color for modest and courteous. The furniture is designed with curve ends in the surface. This type of oriental design makes people easily to open and read a scroll painting or map on the surface.

Material: This side table is made of elmwood, as one of the best material choices for luxury and carved lacquer furniture. Elmwood has straight textures and clear pattern. Elmwood is elastic but strong, and also resistant to moisture and corrosion.

Painting: At Fine Asianliving, we distinguish ourselves in the beautiful finish and especially the special natural lacquer layer. This lacquer layer is built up in six to eight layers during the restoration process. This creates the sparkling appearance that makes the character and soul of the piece of furniture speak more.

Product Details

Material: Elmwood

Color: Mint

Dimensions: W 143 x H 87 x D 37 cm

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